Meditations on the Christian Code

Christian.  What does it mean to be a Christian?  To follow Jesus?  Once when Jesus wanted to spell out for people what it meant to accept His way for their lives, He gave one of His most famous talks, the so-called 'Sermon on the Mount'.  For centuries, God's people had been waiting for the world to be rescued...  For God to send His rescuer.  If it was true that 'our God reigns', what would that reign look like?  And what would the lives of those under His reign look like?  

This 'sermon' offers a sketch of life under God's rule... What people would long for...  How their lives would be ordered.  Really, it's a description of the Christian code as set forth by the King of God's kingdom. 

If you know Jesus, we hope these meditations will encourage you to go deeper with Him.  And if you're still considering Jesus, we'd like to think of these talks as teasers to bring you closer into life in His kingdom.  Either way, Jesus, let your kingdom come!