Joshua & Judges

From early on the Bible records the amazing promises of God to rescue & bless the human family.  While God always performs the lion's share of His redemptive work, it falls to us to trust Him and obey Him.  And how we struggle with our part!

Two Old Testament books which highlight the on-again, off-again relationship we have with God are Joshua & Judges.  In Joshua, God's people enjoy significant successes in acquiring the promised land.  In Judges, not so much. 

Like Israel of old, the modern-day people of God find themselves in a similar pattern.  All too often, we oscillate between faithfulness to the Word of God and assimilation to the surrounding culture. 

These ancient witnesses - Joshua & Judges, will inspire us with their models of unwavering trust in the LORD.  They will also challenge and rebuke us for our fickle faith and attraction to modern-day paganism. 

Join us as we witness the awesome conquest of Canaan under the leadership of "General Joshua".  Weep as the period of the so-called judges unfolds and the nation cycles through phases of unfaithfulness, oppression, cries of distress and eventual deliverance. 

These stories merit our careful attention because like our spiritual forefathers, we're prone to repeat the mistakes of the past.  Let's rise to the challenge of learning to trust.