Famous Questions From the Bible - Summer 2022

Ever notice how the most satisfying conversations often start with a question?

    - Where do you like to go when you eat out?

    - What's on your bucket list?

    - What would you grab on the way out if your house was burning?

Good questions stimulate conversation that can lead to important discoveries and deeper relationships.  There are even websites with lists of questions to aid in getting the conversation going.

Not surprisingly, the Bible contains a lot of questions.  Someone did a search of the NIV Bible and found 3,248 questions.  At the very least, this suggests God wants to engage with us.  He desires to draw us into conversation with himself and to stimulate our reflection on a number of issues.

In this summer series, we'd like to camp on a number of biblical questions.  They're memorable, provocative and even a bit enigmatic... just to get you thinking : )

So here's to great questions!