Advent 2023

We are now into the season of anticipation.

     Stores anticipate Christmas sales. 

            Charities anticipate seasonal donations. 

                        Families anticipate gatherings. 

                                    Even workplaces anticipate the Christmas corporate event.

                                                And, yet, others anticipate being out in the cold, alone, friendless.

For followers of Jesus this season is the anticipation of the celebration of Jesus’ birth,

    His incarnation. 

This season we celebrate what that that might mean in our lives and families, and society.

For the first four Sundays of December we anticipate how Jesus brings us

    Hope (Dec 3),

        Peace (Dec 10),

            Joy (Dec 17), and

                 Faith (Dec 24). 

Then on the evening of Christmas Eve we’ll celebrate the birth, the incarnation,

    God entering the world, God becoming human.  

        What a wonderful and amazing season.

Let’s journey together through this time, and amazingly receive God’s blessing of the season.

Everyone is welcome!