A Sermon Series on Suffering - Spring 2023

There once was a man in the Middle East who faced extraordinary trials.  His losses were massive and his pain deeply personal.  And to complicate matters, he was a good man.  According to God, he was as good as a man could be! (Job 1:1, 8, 2:3)  You could say he suffered through no fault of his own.

And so, Job, his wife and his friends were confounded... Why was he suffering so?  It didn't add up.

The book of Job is the account of how a remarkably godly man conducted himself during his season of suffering  It may surprise you!

Various ones offered their opinions on why Job suffered and what he should do about it.  But most importantly, God spoke.

Suffering is something we all taste.  Without invitation, it comes knocking on the door of our lives.  Ready or not, it declares, here I come!  What are we to do when trouble rears its head?  How are people of faith supposed to cope when suffering?  

The book of Job addresses these questions.  By means of a little prose and a whole lot of poetry, the reader is guided through the distasteful topic of suffering.

Job won't be our only guide in this series.  The wisdom of Jesus, Paul and James will also be considered. 

Job is a big book, so why not get a head-start and begin reading it in a modern translation.

May God equip us to live better and more wisely the next time trouble comes our way!