Terry Wiebe
December 28, 2014
Terry Wiebe


Luke 2:22-35

Songs are an important part of our Advent celebration.  Whether traditional Carols or Handel's Messiah, songs help us relive the meaning and excitement of Advent.  In Luke's Gospel, there are several 'songs' which were sung around the time of Jesus'' birth.

In Simeon's song, we hear the voice of a senior who'd been assured that before he died he'd lay eyes on Messiah.  And that's exactly what happened.  One day in the temple, a couple showed up with a baby. They gave Simeon the greatest gift he could hope for.  Holding the infant Christ, Simeon sang a song of praise to God - grateful for promises kept and hopeful that a deliverance was now on its way that was big enough to bless the entire human family.  Does Christmas inspire confidence in us like that?  What was it about God that produced such life-long confidence in Simeon?