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Beginning July 4th, Balmoral Bible Chapel will resume regular Sunday Morning Worship Services, complete with singing!  Reservations will not be needed, masks will not be required and distancing will not be necessary.  However, some will still want to wear masks and distance from others, and with valid reasons.  We want you to feel free to wear a mask and protect your distance from others if you so choose.  For those who are happy to remove all restrictions, please be respectful of those who are not so enthusiastic.   

With Sunday Morning Worship Services resuming, the On-Line Worship Services available during Covid will come to an end.  We will revert back to on-line audio sermons, available under the "Sermon" tab on our website, at some point following the Sunday morning service. 

We look forward to worshiping together again!  Everyone will be warmly welcomed!  Please feel free to join us!