Fred Thomson
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Thankfully, so far we have no presumptive nor confirmed cases of COVID-19 within our congregation.  We have initiated increased sanitization and other measures to prevent the spread of disease.  For instance, shaking hands & giving hugs have been temporarily stopped.  For us, this is weird but it's appropriate.  We continue to celebrate The Breaking of Bread, but have begun to do it without elements.  That's weirder, but it keeps the core of the practice without passing germs.  We've already been decades without passing offering plates so that's a non-issue for us.  And for our fellowship times, we will serve beverages only.  We're also in the process of painting the building interior, but that's another story.  Oh, and sick people are asked to stay home.

As always, the audio of the sermon will be posted to this website... unless we mess up the recording, or the sermon is so bad we can't put it here (hasn't happened yet, but I suppose it could!).

The Annual Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 18th has been cancelled.  

The ladies retreat is also cancelled.

If we need to suspend our services due to COVID-19, it'll be posted right here, so check in often.

More information about COVID-19 can be gained via the Alberta Government website: