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welcomefamilyWelcome to Balmoral.  Check us out!  Find out what's going on, where we are located, who we are, and how you can fit in.  There is something for everyone here!

For Children

Join us each Sunday at 10:30 am for infant care and Sunday School for children in Grade 5 or yonger.

 Mom's and Dad's we have a nursery for toddlers under age two.  Drop around to look at our facilities and talk to our staff.



For Youth

 Youth activities and programming are ongoing.  Please contact the Chapel Secretary for current and upcoming events.

For Adults

Men, join other men, for thoughtful teaching and prayer, as well as special conferences and events.
Women, we have weekly activities just for you, as well as periodic special events.
HOT TOPICS... Sunday, November 29th Print E-mail


On Sunday, November 29th we interrupt the 1st Samuel Sermon Series for a Current Hot Topic interlude.  On this particular Sunday, Fred Thomson will be speaking on the 'hot topic' of death and dying.  What does scripture tell us we might expect?  How might we appropriately prepare and anticipate our and other’s deaths?  What do we do with the all too common trauma and fear surrounding this event?   This promises to be a safe, practical, and informative message that carries the Biblical perspective into not only our own lives, but also our culture and society.


Please feel welcome to join us on Sunday, November 29th at 10:30AM as we worship together with singing (a mix of contemporary & traditional), prayer, and expository teaching from the scriptures, all followed by fellowship over “coffee & sweets”.  In addition, on November 29th, since it is the last Sunday of the month, we also meet from 9-10AM for a service of communion, sharing and hymns.  Everyone is welcome to join us for either service, or join us, as many of 'the regulars' do, for both services, as we worship God together!



FALL 2015 SERMON SERIES Print E-mail

"BEING AN EXCEPTION"... A New Sermon Series in 1 Samuel

During the Old Testament period of the 'judges' (or the 'rulers') when most people pretty much did as they pleased (Judges 21:25), there were some exceptions.  One was a man who showed exceptional loyalty to God under less than ideal circumstances.  The man's name was Samuel.  He wore a number of hats during his time and several books in the Bible bear his name (1, 2 Samuel).  His exceptional character and deeds are highlighted in 1 Samuel where he leads God's people into a new era... A time when God was doing someting new... a time of king and kingship.  It was exciting!  It was also difficult.

Women, like Hannah, who couldn't bear children bore an especially painful brand of cultural shame.  People in religious vocations, like Eli, sometimes failed to call others out when they misbehaved because, well, it was inconvenient.  Or people who'd been given special privileges, like Saul, refused to use those privileges in ways that served the common good.  These were the kind of times in which Samuel lived.  There are similarities to our times.

It was against the backdrop of the self-serving ways of the many, that the exceptional conduct of the few stands out.  During these days, there were amazing exceptions to the rule.  Samuel, and others like him, rather than mindlessly mimicking the majority, showed remarkable devotion to God and God's ways.

We hope this series will help you want to be... an exception!

On Sunday, November 29th, Fred Thomson will be speaking on death and dying in a one-week "Hot Topic" titled "No Fear in Death".  See above for further details.  On Sunday, December 6th, we return back to our current study in the book of 1st Samuel, where Terry Wiebe will be speaking on 1 Samuel 16:1-13 titled, "A King-in-Waiting".   What does a leader look like?  Some thought the tall, dark, handsome Saul looked like a natural leader.  They were wrong.  While searching for Saul's successor, even Samuel thought he'd spotted Israel's next king... based on appearance.  He was wrong too.  What God was looking for in a king went way beyond good looks.  Like what?

Please feel welcome to join us on Sunday at 10:30AM as we worship together with singing (a mix of contemporary & traditional), prayer, expository teaching from the scriptures, and communion, all followed by fellowship over “coffee & sweets”.  In addition, on the last Sunday of the month, we also meet from 9-10AM for a service of communion, sharing and hymns.  Everyone is welcome to join us as we worship God together!



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