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welcomefamilyWelcome to Balmoral.  Check us out!  Find out what's going on, where we are located, who we are, and how you can fit in.  There is something for everyone here!

For Children

Join us each Sunday at 10:30 am for infant care and Sunday School for children in Grade 5 or yonger.

 Mom's and Dad's we have a nursery for toddlers under age two.  Drop around to look at our facilities and talk to our staff.



For Youth

 Youth activities and programming are ongoing.  Please contact the Chapel Secretary for current and upcoming events.

For Adults

Men, join other men, for thoughtful teaching and prayer, as well as special conferences and events.
Women, we have weekly activities just for you, as well as periodic special events.
The Gospel of Mark Print E-mail

According to one New Testament specialist, as far as we can tell, Mark is the first Christian book (memoir) about Jesus Christ to be written and circulated [Ralph Martin].

It is also the most action-orientated of the Gospels. Forty times Mark uses a Greek word usually rendered immediately or at once to portray the licketly-split action. In Mark, there are plenty of action-sequences.

The Gospel of Mark is the shortest of the four Gospels. It stresses the true identity of Jesus - he's the One promised long ago whom God would send to rescue the world. So it shouldn't surprise us that he possessed and exercised unique authority. Actually, his authority bothered a lot of people including those regarded as especially in touch with God!

Balmoral Chapel has long been known as a communtiy that values the example and teaching of our Lord. As we work through Mark's tight summary of Jesus' life, we hope you will be encourged "to obey everything" Jesus commanded (Mt. 28.20).

On March 8th, guest speaker, David Johnson will be teaching from Mark 14:12-26 titled "Remembering Jesus".  Food was a big part of the ancient Passover Festival.  And one of the main meals was the Passover meal.  As it turns out, this meal was Jesus' last supper (with his disciples before he dies) and it became the basis for what we today call "The Lord's Supper".  How'd that happen?  And why does it matter?

Please feel welcome to join us on Sunday at 10:30 AM as we worship together with singing (a mix of contemporary & traditional), prayer, expository teaching from the scriptures, and communion, all followed by fellowship over “coffee & sweets”.  In addition, on the last Sunday of the month, we also meet from 9-10 AM for a service of communion, sharing and hymns. Everyone is welcome to join as we worship God together.


This Sunday

10:30 AM - Worship and Teaching Service

Sunday School
and on the last Sunday of the month
9:00 AM Breaking of Bread Service
Plus much more.  See our calendars ....

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